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Dynatech® – High-performance chemistry

With over 20 years in the market, Dynatech® has a consolidated position in the chemical industry. Operations range from the Pulp and Paper segment to Pigments and Auxiliaries, Specialities, Leather and Textile.

A genuinely Brazilian company, Dynatech® believes in sustainable growth and can rely on a framework capable of high quality production to meet its clients needs, in the manufacturing and supply of dyes, pigments, optical brighteners and other such products. It supplies the national market as well as Latin America.

Dynatech News

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The Environment

Dynatech® believes that all human beings share the right to coexist with environmentally aware corporations.

In this manner, the company makes an effort to use natural resources responsibly and to manufacture products that do not harm the environment.

Further information

Rua Lino Peixoto Amorim, 1251
CEP 13295-758 - Paineiras, Itupeva – SP
(55) (11) 4591-7160 • contato@dynatechbr.com

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