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Pulp and Paper

To meet demands from the Paper, Pulp and Packaging Market, Dynatech® features the following product lines:

› Dyes
› DynaPaper®


Anionic and cationic dyes of intense color and light solidity.

› DynaPaper® Extra

DynaPaper® Extra

Liquid cationic and anionic dyes of exceptional intensity, elevated light fastness and reduced levels of heavy metals. It is possible to develop standardized, exclusive colors for each client.

› DynaTherm®


LEUCO form powder dyes.

› Pigments Dispersion
› DynaSpers®


Organic pigments dispersion, especially developed for use on all types of paper: printing, writing, white, coated, laminated, special uses and coating (coating formulation).

› Functional Chemicals

Optical Brightners

› DynaBright®


Optical Brighteners for use on the wet end, gluing presses and coatings.

Internal and Superficial Sizing Agents

› DynaCol®


Internal and superficial sizing agents for use in acid, neutral and alkaline sizing.

› DynaSize®


Complete line of products for internal or surface sizing for use in any type of paper manufacturing environment: alkaline, neutral or acid.

Wet Strength Agents

› DynaWet®


Offers excellent wet strength in all types of papers (packages, cards, coating base, toilet paper, napkins and towels), offering high wet/dry strength relation.

› Process Chemicals

Organic Coagulant

› DynaFloc®


Used for ionic charge demand control and in refuse treatment systems.

Inorganic Coagulant

› DynaPac®


Inorganic coagulant in the place of aluminum sulfate which functions as an "anionic refuse collector".

Dye and Pigment Fixatives

› DynaFix®


Line of products that optimize the performance of dye and pigment application.


› DynaFoam®


Special formulations that combat, prevent and eliminate foam in various processes, such as: paper machine circuits, different stages of pulp washing and high yield pulp, manufacturing of pulp and cellulose, coatings and size press coatings. Various options that were developed to serve different process temperatures.

Microbiological Treatments

› DynaCide®


Biocides and fungicides for microbiological treatment.


› DynaMicro®


Microparticle for improved formation, drainage and retention of additives.

› Pulp Chemicals

Anthraquinone Dispersion for Pulp

› DynaCel® AQ

DynaCel® AQ

Anthraquinone dispersion for pulp

Surfactants for the impregnation of wood chips

› DynaSurface®


An aid in the impregnation of wood chips.


› DynaSolv®


Dispersants and inhibitors of calcium crystal formation.

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