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In order to meet demands from the Specialities market,Dynatech® features the following product lines:

› Organic and Inorganic Pigments

Superior performance organic pigments in different colors and tonalities, indicated for the most varied uses in different market segments where elevated physical-chemical resistance is needed, as well as restrictions on heavy metals and other prohibitive chemical compounds.

› DynaChrom®


High performance pigments indicated for coloring agrochemicals and fertilizers.

› DynaTitan®


Indicated for use in white-out liquid and office supplies in general.

› DynaPearl®


Pearlescent pigments indicated for the cosmetic segment and decorative material in general.

› Pigment Preparations
› DynaSpers® D

DynaSpers® D

for latex dyeing lines, household cleaning supplies, fertilizers and other aqueous system uses.

› DynaSeed®


Water based polymer organic pigment preparations for application on seeds and agricultural defensives.

› Dyes
› DynaBasic®


Basic dyes for various special purpose applications such as carbon paper, hectographs, markers, etc.

› DynaCid®


Acid dyes indicated for writing materials, rubber stamps and liquid detergents.

› DynaCid® A

DynaCid® A

Acid dyes indicated for water based systems, household cleaning supplies, writing material, rubber stamps and liquid detergents.

› DynaInk®


Salt and impurity free liquid dyes with low conductivity, indicated for INK JET inks.

› DynaDirect®


Direct dyes indicated for detergents and writing materials.

› DynaOil®


High power powder and liquid form solvent dyes, for dyeing fuel and petroleum derivatives.

› Nigrosinas®


Indicated for ink in pens, rubber stamps, etc.

› DynaPlast®


Indicated for coloring and pigmentation in plastics.

› Whiteners
› DynaBright®


Optical brightener indicated for several applications, especially for powder detergent.

› DynaBlend®


A blend especially developed for application in soaps and soap bars.

› Specialities
› White Board®

White Board®

Low odor alcohol based paints, for markers designed for white board use.
Available colors: Black, Blue, Green and Red.

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