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Our History

Dynatech® began activities in 1989, in the area of chemical specialities, especially dyes and pigments for Pulp and Paper.

Due to successful growth, it expanded into the fields of Paints and Varnishes, Printing inks, Leather paint, Plastics, Textile, Food products and Special Applications. Following the acquisition of a new 72,000 square feet industrial unit, the company strengthened its stake in the Leather and Textile markets.

Currently, with a consolidated position, Dynatech® Chemical Industries, at its manufacturing plant in Itupeva/SP, elaborates and manufactures products for the Pulp and Paper segment, as well as Pigments, Specialities, Leather and Textile, supplying clients all over Brazil and Latin America.

In order to develop new products and assure a high quality level, it has two privately owned laboratories. Sales are conducted by highly qualified commercial departments, present at the São Paulo office and at the South Branch, in Novo Hamburgo/RS. The company also possesses a technical team and commercial representatives in all national territory.

Dynatech® is proud to be a genuinely Brazilian industry, and to be able to provide the market with 100% nationally synthesized products. For example, the Optical Brighteners and the Organic Pigments Line.

Having a belief in sustainable growth, Dynatech® develops products in strict accordance with the country’s environmental and consumer legislation.

Dynatech® holds ISO 9001 certification and is a national leader in the manufacturing of dyes for Pulp and Paper, in addition to being widely recognized in other sectors. It offers finished and semi-manufactured products, in addition to flexibility in the developing and manufacturing of customized products. Solutions for a market, which, as itself, is always evolving.

Rua Lino Peixoto Amorim, 1251
CEP 13295-758 - Paineiras, Itupeva – SP
(55) (11) 4591-7160 • contato@dynatechbr.com

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