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Pigments and Auxiliaries

To meet demands from the Pigments and Auxiliaries market, Dynatech® features the following product lines:

› Organic and Inorganic Pigments

High-performance organic pigments in different colors and tones, indicated for various diverse applications in different market segments where elevated physicochemical resistance is required, as well as restrictions to heavy metals and other prohibited chemical composites.

› DynaChrom®


Indicated for automobile, industrial, decorative, printing paints, etc.

› DynaPrint®


Indicated for the paint segment.

› DynaSet®


Organic and inorganic pigments in different colors and tones, indicated for automobile repainting paints, industrial, decorative and printing paints, etc.

› DynaPlast® PV

DynaPlast® PV

Organic and inorganic pigments indicated for the plastics segment, in which elevated thermal resistance and easy dispersibility are extremely necessary.

› DynaOx®


Iron oxide-based organic pigments, in colors yellow, red and black, easy dispersion, excellent coating and high power dyeing. This line also features transparent red and yellow iron oxides, and green chromium oxide. Indicated for automobile, decorative, industrial, printing paints, as well as for plastics, civil construction, etc.

› DynaTitan®


Rutile titanium dioxide with high power coating, high power dyeing and whiteness, plus easy dispersion, indicated for different market segments. Indicated for automobile paints and for repainting, industrial, decorative, printing paints, plastics, etc.

› DynaPearl®


Pearlescent pigments indicated for various segments, in different tones and effects.

› Pigment Preparations

Organic and inorganic pigment base concentrates, with a high level of pigments with an elevated level of dispersion and grinding, available in various colors and tones for use in water based systems as well as solvents.

› DynaSpers® D

DynaSpers® D

Water based pigment preparations, especially developed for the house paint segment.

› DynaSpers® A

DynaSpers® A

Water based pigment preparations, especially developed for the printing ink segment.

› DynaSolvent® U

DynaSolvent® U

Mono pigment preparations compatible with various solvent based systems, indicated for decorative and industrial paints, synthetic laminates, etc.

› DynaPur®


Pigment preparations especially developed for coagulation dyeing in synthetic laminated systems.

› DynaPaint®


Organic and inorganic solvent based pigment concentrate, for industrial and decorative paints.

› Powder Dyes
› DynaLux®


Metal complex dyes, in various colors and tones, alcohol, glucose, ester and ketone soluble, presenting good light solidity, indicated for the industrial paint segments, printing paints, wood dyes, leather and other special applications.

› DynaBasic®


Basic dyes indicated for the segments related to aqueous and alcoholic flexographic printing paints, seed dyeing, etc.

› DynaDirect®


Direct dyes, indicated for textile dyeing, inkjet, rubber stamp and writing ink, etc.

› DynaPlast®


Dyes with high solubility capacity in transparent plastic, especially polystyrene and its derivatives, such as: SAN, ABS, PMMA, PET, PBT, PA and PC.

› Dynaplast Fluorescente®

Dynaplast Fluorescente®

For the same use as the DynaPlast® line, however, when applied in low concentrations, shows high power fluorescence.

› Nigrosinas®


Dyes which present different solubilities in different systems, in both oil and water bases, used for various applications, such as in pens, rubber stamps, bakelite, leather, etc.

› DynaFast®


Metal complex dyes, solubilized in glycols, indicated for various segments, such as wood and leather dyes, etc.

› Liquid Dyes
› DynaFast® ECO

DynaFast® ECO

Liquid metal complex dyes, solubilized in environment ally correct solvents used in wood and leather dyes, etc.

› DynaCid® A

DynaCid® A

Liquid acid dyes for water and solvent based systems, for wood and leather dyes, etc.

› Rheological Additives
› DynaGel®


Rheological additives line for solvent based organic systems, which function as an anti-sedimentary, with SAG control and excellent leveling. It comprises low-medium, medium and medium-high polarity levels. Commercialized in powder form, the line features both products that require a polar activator for pre-gel formation, as well as products that can be added directly.

› Specialitties
› DynaBright®


Highly concentrated optical brightener, indicated for various applications, such as injected materials, PVC type moldables, EVA, polyurethane foam, paints and varnishes, etc.

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